Tavern Puzzles

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Tavern Puzzle. Available in the following shapes: Iron Heart, Conestoga Playmate, Tri Again, Old Shackles, Captive Heart, Bottoms Up, Self-Restraint, Painted Lady, Black Jack, Iron Maiden, Lyon's Loop, Traveler's Woe, Jack of Hearts, Clef  Hanger, Tinker's Bell, Wise Guy, Blackbeard's Revenge, Satan's Stirrup, Dirty Dog, Smarty Pants, Double Bypass, U-Turn, Big Kahuna, Smooth Operator, Odd Ball, Big Shot, Doozie, Best Ever, Heart's Desire, Long Island Catch, Double Trouble, Matched Set, Yankee Ingenuity, Genuine Article, Sneaky Pete, Freedom's Ring, Patience Puzzle.